Interior design tips – colours, countertops, patterns, curtains

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When using a pattern wall-covering make sure the curtains don’t have patterns too, keep them simple, otherwise it will make you dizzy just looking at it.

When using a pattern on countertops use a solid or neutral color for the backsplash, otherwise both applications will compete against each other

When selecting paint color for your wall always consider what color your large furniture pieces such as your sofa are. You can paint the wall in the same color, that way it will give your place a cohesive look.

Always hang curtains or drapes, as close to the ceiling as possible, it will add height to any room.

Arrange the furniture in the bedroom in a way that when you enter the room the foot of the bed is positioned towards the entrance. It will look more ‘calm’.

unique-modern-living-area-interior-design-malta.jpgAdd different items on bookshelves, including pictures and accessories. Treat books as home décor items.


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